Thursday, January 8, 2009

Attn Daters

I need your help!

I need ideas for hotel lobby dating in Manhattan other than:

The Four Seasons
The Waldorf
St. Regis
Mariott Marquis

Just helping the hubby's chavrusa out.


nmf #7 said...

There's a great website out-
It has almost every dating idea I've ever heard of, including a list of tons of hotels. Should be a must for all those guys who pick up their date and then say, "So what's a good place to go to?"
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

dunno if i should give away my secret dating spots...but I guess I'll be nice.
The W Hotel
Tribeca Hotel
The Dream Hotel
google them for more details

Miss Teacher said...

Thanks folks. The poor guy is so nervous - he's never been on a date before. Actually, he's probably never spoken to girl who wasn't his younger sister. I was wondering if I should completely freak him out first or if I should be a little nice.

Anonymous said...

Try the Ritz Carlton - nice with water near it.

Miss Teacher said...

anon 2 - thanks for the comment, though said couple is actually getting married tonight. You guys definitely helped out!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - good for you!
May you make many more shidduchim!!

harry-er than them all said...

essex house is quieter and nice,